He was born in 0001 as a result for being a demi-god he is the son of the god of light

but uses powers of darkness.he is very powerful and make's his debout in the second part of

the story.he uses his family sword,The kentjsa Sword and may turn dark souls light.

He can also teleport.His power level at the start is a mere 30, is uncomfirmed but his power level

may go up as high to 80000,000,00!!he is actually A villian at the start but joins them later on. he is the creator of the kentjsa Style.he came to earth when he was 7.he will die in the end of time one day from

a heart attack.he joins phil in the unconfirmed TT 9:A Unexpected Hero! as when the party is nearly killed he appears from the shadows and finishes of the enemy and joins phil and leaf on their quest.


Technique First used in....
Kamehameha TT3:The Face Off!
Spirit Gun TT3:The Face Off!
Omega Cannon Chrono vs Sora!The Ultimate fight!
Dragon slash Chrono's training!
Double Body Chrono's OTHER!?
Demon Form TT4:Leaf Vs Chrono!


His mother is the god of light but he really uses dark spells/attacks!

he is turned into a Pokémon in Pokémon:The Dark Story!

he really knows Leaf before his debout! but not Phil.