We shall create CLANS!!!there is 1 so far.if you wish to make one and you are not phin than post it on me or phins talk

page.if we say yes than post your clan like the My clan BUT if we do not approve or you don't ask us....we will take down

your clan and maybe even ban you for awhile(How do i even DO that phin?)You must have 9000 50 points to join a clan

and 80 to make may Merge Clans if you want.the person wanting to merge must give the other clan 50 points.

EVERYTHING for the 2 clans merging is for BOTH and you must combine the names or think of a new one.all members from the 2 clans join the newly merged may have have only 1 Clan master but 2 right hand mans.

The Shadow Clan----------------Chrono and Magus