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Leaf is a Saiyan from a planet in another dimension, Planet Vegeta. Originally, Leaf, along with another Saiyan, Vegeta, traveled back in time to prevent Frieza from blowing up the planet. Their efforts failed, resulting in Leaf being blasted to another dimension, the Reverse World. There, Leaf met a human named Zero. Zero ended up betraying the Darkrai and joined sides with a fearsome enemy: Arceus. It wasn't long before Vegeta appeared in front of Leaf. Vegeta however, had apparently lost all memory of Leaf during the failed time travel. Eventually, Vegeta saw Leaf unleash her true power against Arceus in battle. Seeing Leaf's power, Vegeta thought it would be best if the Darkrai could learn to control the power and started training Leaf. Over time, Vegeta eventually remembered who Leaf was, and the two Saiyans were good friends once again. Leaf's true power was unleashed once again when Vegeta and Leaf fought Arceus. During the fight, Arceus managed to badly damage Vegeta, resulting in Leaf transforming into a Super Saiyan. With the transformation, Leaf managed to finally defeat the evil Arceus...




Technique First Used In
Aura Sphere A New Beginning!
Kamehameha The Two Saiyans Reunite!
Gallic Gun The Two Saiyans Reunite!
Scatter Energy Wave The Downfall of Diaruga!
Destructo Disk Lost Collision: Space VS Distortion!!
Big Bang Attack The Final Battle for Space-Time! Darkrai VS Aruseusu!
Final Flash The Final Battle for Space-Time! Darkrai VS Aruseusu!


It seems Leaf's only friend is Vegeta, as they have quite a few things in common. At times, it seems Leaf's gentle nature has an effect on Vegeta, especially during the battle with Arceus, when Vegeta releases Zero and Leaf defends Vegeta against all of Arceus's attacks, taking severe damage in the process.


  • When Leaf first transformed in to a Super Saiyan, she lost all reason and nearly destroyed the Reverse World. In the end, Vegeta stopped the psychotic rampage himself.
  • Leaf's power level (before The Final Battle for Space-Time! Darkrai VS Aruseusu!) is the same as Vegeta's: 18,000.
  • In several appearences, Leaf is seen with a scouter. After The Final Battle for Space-Time! Darkrai VS Aruseusu!, the scouter is hardly needed, as Vegeta taught Leaf how to detect an oppoenent's energy without having to use one.
  • When Leaf transforms into a Super Saiyan, her appearence changes slightly. Her eyes turn golden, and green lightning surrounds her body. Her personality also changes, as she becomes a little "cocky" and somewhat violent.
  • At times, Leaf can be seen wearing the same "signature Saiyan armor" as Vegeta. Because of this, many think Leaf is Vegeta's strongest (and only) supporter.
  • Leaf seems to have some of the same traits as Vegeta...
  • Leaf does not have a tail but can turn into a great ape by eating a Pasunkai fruit.

Leaf (Scouter)

Leaf with a scouter