Self Destruction is simply the act of releasing all of one's energy in an explosive, suicidal blast. It is a last ditch effort, used only when a fighter isn't strong enough to defeat his opponent by any other means. Users of this attack often attempt to grab their opponents first, in order to maximize the damage. Despite its lethal powers, there had only been one successful self destruction attack in the entire series.

The Granite Fighter fighting Chrono kills him in the first and the only successful explosion in the series (this version is called the Ultimate Explosion in the Tuned Together series).Silver uses it herself shortly after against Lil white to little effect (this version is called Die son!). Many of Dr.Akazzi's creations had an explosive installed to simulate this effect, though Zizo is the only one who attempted to use it Chrono 2 uses it as well, in an attempt to destroy the Earth (this version is called I AM THE REAL CHRONO!!in Tuned Together).