Chrono is running through a dark village after killing 3 people.

Chrono:pant pant (They...Should be here in...!Now!)

Leaf:Stop chrono!

Chrono:(it's time!)hello darkrai!

Phil:uh...were here to arrest you Chrono!

Chrono:Really?your power level is can't even HIT me!

Phil:we'll see about that!!runs torwards chrono and tries to hit him

chrono:dodges every punch and jumps onto a roofis that it?i expected

more of a fight...maybe leaf can be a chall-AGH!!!Chrono flies into wall from getting punched by leaf

Chrono:i..didn't think i would have to resort to using energy!fires kamehameha at phil

Phil:!tries to run but get's hit and nearly dies

Leaf:!!Phil!turns to chronoI'LL KILL YOU MONSTER!!

Chrono:TAKE THIS!fires 2 kamehameha waves at leaf

Leaf:ergh....blocks bothGet back in the battle phil!

phil:in his mind i?


Phil:?i feel..a surge of power...wakes up

Chrono:WHAT!?his 80,00!!

Leaf:how the....

Phil:Im going to finish this!Strange ball of energy appears and crashes into Chrono


Phil:agh...falls and power reverts

Chrono:..(He...nearly KILLED me!..but how!?)ergh...i will finish you!SPIRIT GUN!!

Spirit gun blast hits Leaf who blocked the blast and she falls to the ground near death

Leaf:...blacks out out potion and drinks it ahh....My power is restored...HAHAHA!!

Phil:i...won't die here...Not..Now..!Crawls torwards chrono nearly dead pant y-you..w-won't in!

Chrono:wrong.kicks phil

Phil:AGH!!!Senzu Bean flies near leaf from phil's pocket

Leaf:...huh?a...senzu bean...eats

Leaf:...AAGGGHH...MUCH better!let's go..!chrono you will pay for your various crimes!

Chrono:maybe...!or your just to power level is 70,00 and yours?58,00!

Leaf:i haven't shown you my true power yet...glowsits time to die!

TO BE CONTINUED!------------------