They go to fairy world One's there! They soon discover the place was destroyed and EVERYONE waskidnapped! they go to the Spirit World for advice from the King of the Spirit World.

Leaf:hm...'knocks on door'anyone home?

???:who is there?


???:ah! we have been waiting.

Phil:...Okay..this is TO weird....

King Grandos:i am King Grandos!I see you have gotten phil to come.

You see...a strange warrior has been attacking our city's and destroying and

kidnapping almost everything in his way!his Chrono...he was the greatest Hero

but some reason he has become evil...that's where YOU two come will defeat Chrono

and take his sword and bring it to me!or else..evil facei can eat you instead....!

Leaf:0_0 okay, need for violence.

Phil:don't I have a say in this?

Leaf and KG:Nope.

Phil:okay...(-_-' figures...)

???:So the fool sends weakling to fight ME?i will kill them quick.

They have a low power level...Phil's is a mere 2 but the darkrai may be a problem...

her power level is 50,000...i can beat her if i try.(75,000)if not...(42,390)it's strange...

Phil is weak but..i feel a energy around him...i will inform my master about this.