180px-CT Magus's CastleEdit

The Ranks!Edit

10-30 points-Minion

60 points-Greater Minion

90 points-Lower class warrior

130 points-High Class warrior

Once i feel like it,i will put MORE ranks.

The Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Leader:Chrono X (lv.'Ω Swordsman/Leader)


You may join clans if you have 30 rep and up.This is a cool clan so join today!

Shadow News!Edit

A soccor tourny for kids 9-12 is starting here are the teams! The Hydras,The Bezerkerz,The Relics,The Demigods,The Kill Bugs and the

Demeanters!who will win year 1 of the tourny?a Galaomth has escaped from the Shadow Zoo and is on a rampage in a large city of Theives called rendal!

we have learned of a special cave called Shadow Crossing and you can go ANYWHERE through the cave!even Earthwith HUMANS!