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The Tuned Together Wiki site is dedicated to the Tuned Together show and our own fan fics. The fan fics are to represent other shows such as "Fairly Odd Parents", "Spongebob Squarepants", "Total Drama" series and more.

Article of the MonthEdit

Voting begins when we have 10-20 articles.(Chrono~ well now we do..)

What Happens On This Day? Edit

Yesterday the old site was updated with a calendar. But we have closed the old site, so we needed to bring this here. This will be updated EVERY SINGLE DAY that there is things going on.

  • July 15th-july 18th:best character of the month!
  • July 16th:New Badge idea's post
  • July 20th:Chrono's Story-Pre Sign Ups!
  • July 23rd:Clans are officially starting!you may make them but they start july 23rd.

The Archives of the 2010 'What Happens On This Day?'

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