Rules Edit

1. Please don't screw up someone's character.

2. Edit after asking for permission (some excluded).

3. Fanon is fine.

4. B-crats overpower everyone. Obey them.

5. IPs beware: a hacker can be watching and will get you.

6. Do not spam. To release spam stress, edit here: Spam Page!.

7. Do not ask to be an admin or b-crat. It will make your chances go lower. Only Phin can promote people to admin and b-crat.

8. Never vandalize a page. You'll get yourself banned.

Things To Know Edit

You are indeed allowed to make your own shows and put in your own stories!

(hmph.just don't post a blank's a waste of space and results in a BAN~Chrono X)


Were you hacked/banned?Edit

if you were hacked we are may post a complaint here if you wish.

if you were banned by me or leaf than don't complain.if banned by phin...Your

gonna be banned for like...EVER.